Sitch Family Thanksgiving in Ottawa

Sitch family at the Champlain Lookout in the Gatineaus

The Sitch clan returned to Ottawa for a long weekend Thanksgiving at home. Ben + Allison drove up from Toronto, Joe flew in from Calgary (H couldn’t attend, bummer), and Sara and I flew in from SF. Ottawa’s miserable summer broke for this one glorious weekend.

Joe and Ben Bekks and John Blazing yellow

The trip was perfect: morning 10k runs, a Gatineau leaf-viewing expedition, several hundred hands of bridge, Kettleman’s bagels, a home-made turkey dinner, some incredible wine, NY steaks over a wood charcoal BBQ, and a miserable game of risk. Note to Sara and Ben: the box calls it “The Game of World Domination”, not “The Game of Global Compromise (After Will is Dominated)”.

Thanksgiving dinner


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  1. Jessica Hynes says:

    Looks like great fun – not so sure about the 10k runs, but the rest sounds great! x

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