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Bow hunting for wild pigs at Lake Sonoma

It’s been a while since we’ve gone hunting. My hunting buddies and I have been disappointed time and time again. Hunting trips are now called “armed hikes”. The pigs knew we were coming, weren’t there in the first place, or … Continue reading

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Doing it wrong: hunting wild pigs at the Geysers

I guess I have the pig hunting sickness. What started as a fun hobby almost killed me and two friends this past weekend. What sucks is that I’m not deterred. If anything I am more determined to stalk and kill … Continue reading

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Hunting wild pigs on public land: published in the Sacramento Bee!

Greetings, Sac Bee newspaper readers. Yes, I am the famous “young electrical engineer” who is ready to assist you with your wild pig infestation. Me and my merry cohort of cow-orkers and friends are ready to rid you of your … Continue reading

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Wild pig recipes: Spicy Boar Chili, Wild Pig Meatloaf, Boaring Lasagna, and Honey-mustard Smoked Ham

A colleague and good friend from work, Jeff Meyer, made me a bet that I wouldn’t actually find and kill a pig. The terms of the bet were that he would cook the pig and provide the beer for everyone … Continue reading

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Hunting wild pigs on public land: East Cow Mountain

I’m determined to stalk and kill a wild pig on public land. Judging by the pig tag return data, I’m probably not going to be successful. Too bad I’m stubborn.

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Recommended rifle and ammunition for hunting California wild pigs

After I decided I wanted to hunt wild pigs I was faced with a challenging question: how? Hunting with a bow and arrow sounds cool, but I don’t think I’m that hardcore. Crossbows are interesting but a little medieval for … Continue reading

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Success! Hunting wild pigs at Lake Sonoma, Northern California

If at first you don’t succeed, pay someone to help you succeed. Our first hunting trip was a mess. We didn’t find any pigs. We didn’t even know what to look for. We needed help.

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My first hunting expedition at Cow Mountain, Northern California

My friend Brad and I spent a few hours crawling around Cow Mountain hunting wild pigs. We were very unsuccessful, but it was an awesome experience.

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