Amelia walks 60 miles in the San Francisco 3-day Breast Cancer Walk

After a grueling 3-day 60-mile walk, Sara’s sister Amelia is convinced that their ancestors were nomadic. No foot bandages, no shin splits, no tendonitis, Amelia powered through the walk without breaking a sweat. Okay, I made that last part up. She sweat a lot. Kinda stinky too.


Sara and I were the photographers and mobile support unit for the team of four: RJ the parrot, Amelia, Sara, and Amanda.

DJ the Parrot, Amy, Sara, and Amanda

Every time we met it was like a long-lost reunion. Lots of hugging. I guess walking for a long time kinda addles the brain.

Another reunion

There were more than 1500 walkers who raised almost $4M for Breast Cancer research. Fantastic weather for walking: no fog, no rain, not too hot. October in SF is the best time of year.

Final ceremony


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