Hunting wild pigs on public land: published in the Sacramento Bee!

Greetings, Sac Bee newspaper readers. Yes, I am the famous “young electrical engineer” who is ready to assist you with your wild pig infestation. Me and my merry cohort of cow-orkers and friends are ready to rid you of your porcine problems.


Please allow me to present my case for hunting your land:

  • as a new and idealistic hunter, I am obsessed with hunting ethics;
  • as a mild-mannered super-hero, I will not damage your property or bother your livestock;
  • as the leader of my pack, I will stand responsible for my noble compatriots;
  • as a crack shot, I guarantee pigs will be harvested with the minimum of noise and disruption;
  • as a desperately needy hunter with few other options, I will share the delicious pig bounty with you;

My colleagues and I are based in Santa Rosa, CA, but we are highly mobile and well motivated. We prefer to hunt early mornings, but we are also highly adaptable to your generous offers of land access. We hunt with rifles and are exceptionally aware of the danger firearms represent.

You can contact me at, or by phone at 707.292.3669.

(Shout out to Holly the NorCal Cazadora for the article)

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2 Responses to Hunting wild pigs on public land: published in the Sacramento Bee!

  1. specwargru says:

    Great to see an ethical hunter these days. I myself am an avid hunter, bowhunter , especially pig and turkey. Being a veteran (specialwarfaregroup1 Navy) I find it awesome that there are young men who still follow a code when hunting. In your pics I see you always carrying a rifle when pig hunting. Have you ever tried bowhunting for pig. Having done both rifle/ shotgun and bowhunting I gotta tell you bowhunting for a pig is a really outstanding experience. I often choose the bow over my rifle. It is also much quieter which would maybe please your potential customers. It also does not scare the rest of the game away if you happen to miss (which I rarely do). I have actually had pigs and other game sniff at the arrow on a missed shot and go about their business as if nothing happened. Something to maybe ponder . Email me if you are interested. By the way Lake sonoma is ok this year for Archery pig hunting this year. I will tell you though that the hogs aren’t where they usually are.

  2. specwargru says:

    Sorry about posting previously about you trying to bowhunt. thinking you don’t bow hunt. I didn’t see your lake Sonoma Pig hunt blog when I first got on your site.
    By the way, I suggest that you and your friends do not try to harvest a wild boar with a knife no matter how large the knife is. I used to know somebody that was successful at this a few times but he missed once and paid dearly for missing. (AKA 142 stitches and a lot of physical rehab). Again only a suggestion. Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

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