We’re pregnant!


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  1. Janet Latta says:

    finally! i have been checking your blog nearly everyday to see if there would be a big announcement. oooh…i am so happy for you two!!!

  2. Congratulations!

    (But I would like to clarify that YOU are not pregnant. Your wife is pregnant. Until you pass an orange through your nostril, you will not understand. You will not feel her pain, no matter how much ice cream you eat. You don’t understand and saying that you do, ever, gives her carte blanche to punch you in the nose. Or lower. Thus potentially preventing any further pregnancies…)

  3. So very happy for you! Sara looks so amazing!!

  4. Will says:

    Thanks guys!

    Sorry to everyone who made comments that got lost; please make them again. I’m working on some ‘technical difficulties’.

    BTW: if you want to see the pic that Jennifer mentions, click the linky. I’m working on trying to pull it into facebook.


  5. Allison Langille says:

    More belly pictures!!!!!

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