2010 Sonoma County Human Race (10k)

Ed Sheffield and I ran the 2010 Sonoma County Human Race, a 10k race through Howarth Park (aka Spring Lake), over to Summerfield, ending at Herbert Slater Middle School.

The numbers:
Race: Sonoma County Human Race
Course: Spring Lake 10k (6.2mi) run
Result: 46:12, 79/749 racers (90th percentile), 15th/71 in age group
Pace: 7:26/mile

I’ve run through Spring Lake a bunch before and it was nice to know the course. Ed and I have also run before and he’s just a little faster than me, so it was also nice to have someone pushing me. We pushed pretty hard in the first few miles to get through the crowd – seriously, why do so many slow peeps insist on starting in the 6-min-mile group?

Ed dropped me coming back on to Summerfield and finished 17 seconds ahead of me. I’m pretty happy with my time, I didn’t think I would be able to finish so quickly with the elevation involved. Apparently it’s only 150ft, but let me tell you, that stupid map is wrong. It’s gotta be more like 1500ft. Well, maybe.

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