1/3 done! My fourth quarter (first year) at UC Davis’ Bay Area Working Professional MBA program

It’s now September, which means I’ve finished my fourth quarter – and my first year – at the UC Davis Working Professional (weekend) MBA program. It’s been incredibly interesting and rewarding, and also a lot of fun, but let me tell you how much I’ve enjoyed a full month off!

During the Summer 2009 quarter I took two classes: Forecasting and Managerial Research Methods, and Product Management.

Neither course covered material that matched the course title, they should have been called Regression Statistics and Product Marketing Management. Actually, that’s a recurring theme for the courses we’ve taken so far, the official title is often not what the instructors informally call the course, and doesn’t at all match the material taught.

After four glorious weeks off, everything kicks off again in October. Our friend group is splitting up. Brad is moving up near UC Davis and is switching to either the day program or the weekend David program. Half of the clique is taking classes starting on Sept 25th, me and a few others (Jillian and maybe Erika) start on October 2nd. That’s kinda sad, but I know our core group will keep in touch, there’s still seven more quarters to go!

For the first time the classes will be one per day, so I’ll be taking Marketing Strategies – hopefully not a third SWOT/strategy/positioning/segmentation marketing course, this one looks like a decision-making course – all day on Friday, and Negotiation in Organizations (yeah!!!) all day on Saturday.

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