WordPress, WPG2, Wordbook, Facebook

It’s not perfect, but my locally-hosted wordpress installation, featuring a locally-hosted WPG2 photo gallery, is now connected with a hacked version of wordbook through to my facebook account.


There should be a sweet line of photos from Andre and Callen’s wedding linked above.

(edit: I’ve stopped using WPG2, and I’m leaving the numbers in above on purpose.  WordPress’ Media Library is a lot better now.)

This is the holy grail for me: storing my own photos locally on my own hard drive, managing my photo library with Google’s picasa3, moving selected albums from my local computer to my own server with picasa3 and gallery2, hosting my own blog on my own server with wordpress, hosting my own photos on my own server with gallery2, using photos on my own server in my blog with wpg2, exporting blog posts from my server to facebook, showing photos from my server in my facebook replicated blog posts.

I own my photos. Facebook doesn’t have a copyright claim on my images. No one’s going to limit my storage space (other than my ISP, and I can get more by paying more). I can post or remove photos as I choose. I dunno, this kind of thing is important to me.

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