Visiting our old family house in Sheffield, England

I was in the UK and Ireland on business and had a meeting with a lab manager at the University of Sheffield. When our family lived in England we lived in Sheffield! I swung by our old house and it’s funny how much I remember.


8 Swaledale Road

The coal chute was filled in, and the factory wall behind the house was a lot shorter than I remembered, and the school which seemed like miles away turned out to be a block and a half. However the street and trees were exactly where I thought they would be.

Swaledale Road

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  1. Jessica Hynes says:

    I remember it well! You boys dug a network of army style trenches in the back garden that were deep enough for a grown up to hide in! I remember me mum and Zoe took care of Ben when you went to Canada for the first time, he was so good all week!

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