Supermoto training at Prarie City SVRA

Yeehaw!  Dragging knee roadracing style

I have no idea how to ride a supermoto. I hang off the inside, stick my knee out, and keep the bike standing up. It feels right but I guess it doesn’t work in the dirt. Plus knee-dragging is so last year.

Brad and I went to Prarie City to learn how to ride supermoto-style: which means sliding your hips forward up against the bars, pushing the bike down underneath you, sticking your inside foot all the way forward (beside the front wheel), and keeping your outside elbow up.

Gotta push the bike down under me more

The style is basically standing up while throwing the bike horizontally into the corner. I think you put your foot forward to kick the bike back up if it decides to lowside. It’s totally counter-intuitive, because by leaning the bike over you’re reducing the contact patch of the tires.

Super tired, can't even lift my upper elbow

We had a blast. Brok and Tyler from were excellent instructors, the CRF230 they provided me with was a great beginner bike, and we had so much track time we were completely exhausted by the end of the day. Driving home was fun, I was barely able to grip the steering wheel. Two days later I’m having problems walking down stairs and can barely stand.

If only I had a garage and a truck…

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