700 miles on a Triumph Speed Triple: first thoughts


I have now ridden ~700 miles on Speedy, some notes:

  • Fuel warning light comes on after ~3.2 gallons burned, with a 4.76 gallon tank; that’s only at 67%!
  • 3.2 gallons gets me between 100-130 miles, or 31-40mpg; Prius is winning at 47-50mpg
  • Stock seat means a stretch is required after about 3 hours, just in time to get more gas
  • Passenger seat is small, pegs are high, but if pillion is 5′3″ and very cute, she will fit
  • Front wheel pops up easy in first, but not enough in second; sprocket change?
  • Stock suspension sucks, progressive fork springs need to be replaced
  • Throttle response is abrupt, am going to adjust cable tension and see
  • TORS exhaust sounds just incredible!!


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