Racing the Jr. Waterhouse on Paul’s Olson 34

Bleak and foreboding day

distance covered on the race course – 28 nm
time on the course – 5 hr 44 min
max speed – 10 kts
average speed – 5 kts
total distance sailed today – 40 nm
tacks on the windward leg – 30
tacks required (after already reaching the mark) to round the mark – 6
spinnaker jibe attempts – 3, and those made – 2
total jibes – 4
sail changes – 4
sails twisted – 3 (including the hourglass off Pt Blunt)

Whacked with a spinnaker pole

injuries – 3
suggestions offered – no comment
saves – many
protests – none
collisions – none
breakage – none
hats lost – none
crew lost – none
barges banged – none
fuel shortages – none
groundings – none
docking mishaps – none (thanks to the crew)

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