The end of free time, starting B-school at Davis

I’m starting business school at UC Davis! It’s the Bay Area Working Professional (evening and weekends) program, classes on Fridays and Saturdays every two weeks for the next three years. I guess this is the end of wondering ‘what shall I do this weekend?’

I am really excited to go back to school. I loved my M.A.Sc. at Carleton, grad school was so much more interesting than undergrad, meatier topics, more relevant assignments, and everyone really wanted to be there. The Profs care more about the students, and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. I’m a bit nervous because my engineering masters degree was really difficult – and I lived on campus and was a full-time student!

Davis has a great program that fits really well with my need to travel for work. I really couldn’t consider going to school every weekend, that would have made most of my business trips impossible. Sitting on a 14-hour flight to Europe is tough enough, but flying for just three days of customer visits before returning doesn’t make any sense at all!

My first three quarters are all core classes, starting with financial accounting and organizational behaviour, followed by three breadth courses and, uh, a bunch of other courses. I’m not sure if I’m going to choose a specific minor yet.

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