Race 5 of the YRA Inter Club series on Chris’ F-27

Will and John sailing down the estuary

John and I joined Chris on his F-27 for the 5th race of the YRA Inter Club series. It was in the southbay, it was windy, and it was wet.

Two notable things on this race:

1. The fastest I’ve ever been on a sailboat. 23.5kts on a GPS with 4-second sampling time on one hair-raising spinny run. Chris and I were working really well together, steering and sheeting. We had some white-knuckle moments where the bow would start to submarine, but we were quick to depower and kept the boat upright.

It was a bit of a wet ride

2. The best spinnaker takedown I’ve ever done. We were finishing with our record-breaking spinny run and we realized we were way off course. We needed to get the spinny down, fast. With John releasing the lines, I did a leeward takedown in ~20kts of wind. It was incredible, everything went right. The spinny was down and packed in about 30 seconds. I think I even ran the tapes as I was stuffing it into the bag!

John having fun at 18kts!

We had a great sail back down the estuary, where Chris gave John and I a chance to sail together under spinny. It’s a bummer school starts next month, I really enjoyed sailing with Chris this year.

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