Pacific Cup big boat start

Rage crosses the line, looking fine!

Sara and I went down to the St. Francis Yacht Club for the Pacific Cup final start – the big boats! StFYC is very impressive. We went up to the observation deck and watched the 50-70 footers tack back and forth before the start.

Phillippe Khan's Open 60 Pegasus was a bit late to the start!

Criminal Mischief got a fantastic start, at the line driving hard less than a second after the gun, and was looking good on the beat to the bridge. Phillippe Khan’s Open 60 Pegasus was late to the line, but quickly made up for lost time by turning on the afterburners outside the gates.

Pegasus last to the bridge

These faster boats will only take 8 or 9 days to get to Hawaii! Incredible.


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