Double-handed Pacific Cup start!

DH2 Start!  They're off!

I scootered down to the St. Francis Yacht Club on the San Francisco Bay, CA at lunch to catch the 2nd double-handed start of the Pacific Cup. This start is the small ULDB boats, Moore 24s, Olsons, and Dylan’s custom Dogpatch 26 “Moonshine”.

The Contessa, a beautiful Swede 55

Oh, plus there was a Swede 55, “The Contessa”, which weighs more than all of the other boats combined. It was a little funny to see them involved in the little-boat start!

Moores and Olson head for the bridge Coasties give the StFYC a flyby IMG_8264


After a bad first start, and a much better restart, the Moores and Olsons were off, followed a few minutes later by the very cautious Contessa.


Dylan appeared on the horizon and made it across the start line ~45 minutes later – I guess they had some motor problems and didn’t have enough wind to cross the bay from Richmond.

Moonshine across the start line!


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