Jeep TJ stuck in the mud while fetching a remote-controlled plane

My friend Mike crashes his RC plane in a wet field. We don’t want to go get it because we’re flying the plane at lunchtime and we don’t want our shoes to be muddy. Who wants to track mud into work? That’s unprofessional.

Yes, that's my Jeep stuck in the mud

So I go and get my Jeep and drive out into the field to get the plane. I guess I didn’t hear everyone yelling at me not to stop for the plane. I get out and realize the Jeep is totally stuck.

Almost made it

Don’t get me wrong, we did everything we could to dig the Jeep deeper and deeper into the mud. We tried putting things under the tires, rocking it, jumping on the bumpers, nothing. We just went deeper.

Mike tried to 'help'; he got towed out first

Another friend named Mike says he’ll save me. He gets stuck about 10 feet into the field. We call the tow trucks.

This sucked

They haul us out. It’s very expensive. We look pretty stupid when we come into work much much later.

Getting hauled out of the muck

The people who own the field put up a fence.

It's not a field, it's a mud pit


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