Finding humour in sleeplessness

Charlie is now four days old. We came home from the hospital yesterday.


I think it was yesterday. I haven’t slept in four days. I don’t really know what day it is.


Daytime is easy. Nighttime is harder. Last night my body shut down and refused to wake up. Apparently I’ve been sleep-talking.


Around 3AM Sara asked me for help burping the baby and I replied “No,” then a second or two later, “don’t put him on the wall”. No idea what I thought was happening.

I don’t know how Sara does it. She’s amazing.

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8 Responses to Finding humour in sleeplessness

  1. It’s rough! But you work your way through it together, as you two are undoubtably doing very well. I suggest checking out the book The Wonder Weeks. It sheds so much light on what little Charlie is going through and gives you hope on when the next “break” will come! Good luck!

  2. Omg. The pictures – he’s amazing.
    The sleeplessness – well, after a few weeks, the body is all of the sudden “I can do this”. Fatten him up. Once they reach 15-ish pounds they sleep nearly through the night! Then you get used to that and around 6 or 7 months they start teething and you find them standing in the crib refusing sleep once again. Ohhhh the adventures!!

  3. Heather and Doug Hemmer says:

    PS. LOVE THE NAME – Charlie!!!

  4. As my brother said it so well….why do you think they use sleep deprivation to train Navy Seals? 😉

  5. Jennifer Gillian says:

    Yes…I know the feeling very well. Sara is AMAZING because she’s a Mommy now. And we have very special powers! Heather is right…it gets easier…then harder…the easier (so they say…I’m still waiting). Take lots of photos and video now…because of your sleepless state it will be hard to remember he was ever this small! Hugs to all of you!

  6. Jason says:

    Just think of it as training for early morning pig hunting. Don’t worry about all the sleeplessness it will turn into… Hmmm, is that Caden crying? Well, it gets better…

    Great pictures!

  7. Jenean says:

    Yay Charlie is home. Hang in there. I am sure you are doing a great job. Moms have hormones that make them sleep really deep and survive on little of it. Dads aren’t so lucky. He will get his days an nights straightened out. What a cutie pie. So glad you guys are part of the parenthood club now. What an amazing journey!

  8. Christine S-P says:

    It flies by. And then all of a sudden she’ll get knocked up again (a degree of forgetfulness happens or nobody would ever have more than one child). Breastfeeding changes the quality and kind of sleep, so Sara will probably have a lighter sleep (rouse more easily) but fall asleep more easily. At this point, the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself and take care of her. Bring her food and water and skip the roses for now.

    What a wonderful time in your lives!

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