Dirtbiking at Cow Mountain with Larry and Mike

Mike, Larry and I had been talking about going back to Cow Mountain for a few months. The winter was over, the weather was warmer, and we were sure we wouldn’t need a trailer or two trucks.

Three's a crowd!

We had an awesome time. Mike almost rode up a near-vertical waterfall. I have no idea how he got down. Larry went up and tried to push him up further without much success.

It was a lot steeper than it looks!

I drove into a hole in the ground.


Larry rode into the very deepest part of a mini-lake. Mike and I were 10 minutes down the next trail before we realized he wasn’t following us.

What were you thinking?!

Apparently while he was standing in the middle of the puddle a family of four putted by on the outskirts of the water and rode off. Hahaha! The look on Larry’s face when I started taking pictures. Priceless.


And to finish off the day with a bang, I rode off a cliff. Mike and I were running along a ridge trail and we hit some whups. I bounced around and pinned the throttle. The XR600 doesn’t like that. We soared off the edge of a cliff and luckily landed in some soft shrubbery 20 feet below.

I rode off the cliff that Mike is standing on; landed down there

My tow strap saw a lot of action! Mike burned the clutch of his XR400 pulling me and the 600 out of the hole.

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